Deck Gold is an oil based, semi-transparent sealer and stain in one. It is a unique blend of resin, pigment, oil, and mildewcide that penetrates deeply into wood to protect and preserve it from the elements. Deck Gold can be used on all types of wood (except Redwood). Deck Gold contains trans-oxide pigment that acts as the UV protection. The trans-oxide pigment helps protect your wood from fading and graying. To properly maintain wood, a light cleaning and re-coat are recommended every 2 years on horizontal surfaces and every 3 to 4 years on vertical surfaces. Variances in the product longevity may be caused by original surface condition, application of product, and geographic location. Deck Gold is intended for exterior wood surfaces only.

Application instructions

  • Stir before & during application
  • Apply between 50 – 100 degrees. Direct sunlight will not affect Deck Gold
  • Before treating wood, test in a small inconspicuous area to ensure that you are satisfied with the appearance
  • Use a brush, roller, pump-up sprayer or airless sprayer to apply
  • Apply two light coats of Deck Gold to wood surface. Allow at least 45 minutes between coats
  • Apply 48 – 72 hours of drying. Drying will vary depending on temperature, porosity of surface and humidity.
  • Deck Gold will not be affected by rain one hour after application
  • Clean equipment immediately with paint thinner or mineral spirits.
  • For disposal of empty containers and unused stain, contact your households refuse collection service.

Surface Preparation

  • Surface must be clean of mildew, dust, dirt, oil and grease. WE RECOMMEND A DECK CLEANING AGENT TO PREPARE SURFACE.
  • All previous stains and sealers must be completely removed
  • Caustic strippers must be neutralized thoroughly
  • Rinse thoroughly, before staining, wood must dry completely for 48 hours or more depending on weather conditions
  • Protect against over spray and cover all plants and vegetation with plastic drop cloth before applying Deck Gold.

Important Information

  • Deck Gold can be used on all types of exterior wood except Redwood
  • Deck Gold is environmentally friendly and contains NO ozone depleting chemicals
  • Do not thin or mix with any other products or use as an additive to paint
  • Do not apply Deck Gold over painted or newly stained surface. Sealed surfaces inhibit penetration
  • Do not apply Deck Gold on gray weathered wood. The wood must be cleaned before applying Deck Gold
  • Deck Gold is darkest when first applied. Deck Gold reaches its true color in approximately 14 days
  • Color will vary depending on the type of wood

Deck Gold contains no algae promoting oils such as linseed or other vegetable oils that promote algae and fungus growth on the wood. Most wood sealers on the market today contain inexpensive fillers such as mineral spirits that evaporate into the atmosphere and pollute the air. Deck Gold contains only paraffinic oil that penetrates the wood and waterproofs.